Community History

As of today, approximately 500 Georgians are living in Estonia. The first Georgian in Estonia officially registered in the middle of 19th century. It was the first student at Tartu University, Mr. Zurab Abdushelishvili. The first society formed in 1890 in Tartu.

As for the recent days, the first Georgian diaspora organization in Estonia was created in 1989. Mr. Vladimir Zhuriari set up an organization “Iveria”, which is still functioning. Later, 1997, Lerry Japaridze, Yasha Kurshubadze, and Ednar Bolkvadze initiated the establishment of an Estonian-Georgian organization “Mamuli”. The branches of the organization were created in almost all the main cities of Estonia. Mr. Lerry Japaridze chaired the organization for the first year, but since 1998 its Chairperson was Mr. Yasha Kurshubadze.

At the same period in Georgian Folk Ensemble “Mamuli” was formed. The initiators were Mr.Givi Mamucharashvili , Mr. Givi Kaadze and Mr.George Dzmanashvili. Mr. Imeda Kikeishvili established the first sports group. There was a period when the Georgian Diaspora was publishing its magazine.

In 2009, it was decided that various Georgian organizations will be united under one so-called umbrella organization. As a result, the organization “Kartuli Sakhli” (Georgian House) was established.
During 2009 – 2016, the organization “Kartuli sakhli” was chaired by Ms. Maka Sakhechidze, who by profession is a philologist. For the period of her chairmanship, Estonia was visited by several Georgians working in the cultural sphere. They held some shows and thematic evenings. During the same period so-called “Sunday School” was introduced in Tallinn. In this school children from Georgian and not only, are studying the Georgian language, culture, and history. Nowadays the Sunday school “Bagrati” is lead by Ms.Ketevan Palelashvili.

Since April 2016, the Georgian Society and “Kartuli Sakhli” has a new chairperson, Mr. Zaza Tsereteli. He is a Medical doctor by profession and is a Doctor of Medical Sciences. For the last eight years, he is working as a Senior Advisor at the Royal Norwegian Ministry of Health and Care Services.

Since March 1, 2019, the organization is Chaired by Levan Gorelashvili.

The organization “Kartuli Sakhli” is actively trying to involve in their activities the Georgian youth coming for study to Estonia. The Georgian Society is actively cooperating with other national societies and organizations in Estonia. The main goal of the “Kartuli Sakhli” is the popularization of Georgian culture and the strengthening of friendship between the Georgian and Estonian people. “Kartuli Sakhli” cooperates closely with the Ministry of Diaspora and the Georgian Embassy in Estonia.