Concert devoted to the 101st anniversary of the independence of Estonia.


On February 16, the Georgian Diaspora together with his Ukrainian and Latvian counterparts performed a concert. The concert was devoted to the 101st anniversary of the independence of Estonia. The concert was attended by Ambassadors of all three countries in Estonia and representatives of the Estonian Ministry of Culture » Read more

Meeting with the representatives of US Embassy in Estonia

On August 15, a meeting was held between the representatives of the US Embassy in Estonia and representatives of the Georgian Diaspora in Estonia.  The meeting was held by the initiative of the US Embassy in Estonia. At the meeting we discussed the activities of the Georgian community in Estonia and prospects of possible cooperation. We agreed that such meetings will be held in the future

Article in “Estonian World”


Estonia needs more people – it’s therefore great to see that minority communities can do well and prosper here. Zaza Tsereteli takes a look at the past, present and future of the small, but energetic #Georgian community of #Estonia.

Meeting with the Georgian parliamentarians


On April 11-14, Tallinn was visited by the representatives of the Georgian parliament special Friendship Group with the Parliament of Estonia, led by chairwomann of that group, Ms. Nino Tsilosani.

On the last day of the visit, the members of the Georgian Parliament met with representatives of Georgian Diaspora Association, “Georgian House” in Estonia. » Read more

Wellcome to “Kartuli Saxli” – Georgian House

“Kartuli Saxli”

Meeting in Tartu


On November 4, a meeting of the board  of “Georgian House” will be held in Tartu. The meeting aims to meet with Georgians living there, to familiarize them with the work of “Georgian House” and to discuss possible establishemnt of the local organization. The meeting will be held at Pushkin’s School Hall, at 1 pm


Anniversary evening of the Georgian Diaspora in Estonia


This year is over 20 years since the establishment of the Georgian Diaspora in Estonia. In this regard, it was decided to hold a special evening, where  together with the invited guests we will talk about the past and the future of Georgian Society. At the end of the event will be a ceremonial concert and reception. The event will be held at the assembly hall of the National Library of Estonia, on November 25, 2017

The event on August 18 in Tartu


The Ministry of Culture and the Integration Foundation of Estonia are pleased to invite 2-3 participants from our umbrella organization to a meeting with colleagues from Estonian umbrella organizations that actively work in the field of culture and education!

The event will be held on August 18 in Tartu, in the Estonian National Museum.

The purpose of the event is to get to know each other’s activities, establish contacts and develop possible cooperation.

» Read more

Bowling Tournament


On April 23, the Diaspora Association “Georgian House” will hold the first bowling tournament. The tournament will be held in the center – Al Mare Bowling