Meeting with the Georgian parliamentarians


On April 11-14, Tallinn was visited by the representatives of the Georgian parliament special Friendship Group with the Parliament of Estonia, led by chairwomann of that group, Ms. Nino Tsilosani.

On the last day of the visit, the members of the Georgian Parliament met with representatives of Georgian Diaspora Association, “Georgian House” in Estonia. » Read more

General meeting


On March 31 the General meeting of the Georgian Community in Estonia “Georgian House” was held. The organization has received basic funding from the Estonian Integration Fund for the next 3 years.  Meeting has discussed the measures to be implemented within this project. » Read more

Soccer friendly match



On March 17th, the friendly match with the team of Swedish Chamber of Commerce in Estonia, took place at Kotka stdium.

Some might say they don’t understand the beauty of the most passionate game in the World. Some might say they don’t understand the point of running around in a very cold indoor hall in shorts in mid-March, kicking a ball. But all those who were there this Saturday, witnessed the passion for the sport we all love and together with our Swedish friends, we showed how fun it is to play football and how this sport brings people together.

One of the beautiful aspects of the game was that it allowed to play together 60-year-old player with 13 years old and it was fun and exciting.  Georgian team won 10-7, but scoring was not the only thing that mattered on that day. Smart, creative, heads-up play was just as important to players and spectators. Smiles were on every player’s face when their team scored a point and some even screamed in delight at the top of the lungs. Soccer is an international sport and this match gave another great chance to learn more about other cultures.

Radio broadcast about Georgian culture


In the new issue of Radio 4 porgamme, we will get acquainted with Georgia.

Georgian Culture

Wellcome to “Kartuli Saxli” – Georgian House

“Kartuli Saxli”

Friendly football match

The first football challenge between Danes (Danish-Estonian Chamber of Commerce) and Georgians in Estonia takes place at 16:30 on Saturday, January 27, at Kotkas football stadium (linnu tee 5).
Audience welcome to join the whole program

Meeting with the Prime Minister of Estonia


On January 9, 2018, the representatives of the national minority associations operating in Estonia had a meeting with the with Prime Minister of Estonia, Mr, Jüri Ratas.  The meeting was dedicated to the participation of national minorities at Eesti Vabariik 100‘s birthday events, as well as their role and opportunities to contribute to our society as a whole. » Read more

Friendly match in football


On October 25, a friendly match between football clubs of Georgia and Ukraine diasporas was held at the ” A le Coq” stadium. The match ended with a 3-1 victory by Ukraine. It was expressed that the similar matches will be held in Vyliandi and Tartu. Team management agreed to continue negotiations on this issue

Meeting in Tartu


On November 4, a meeting of the board  of “Georgian House” will be held in Tartu. The meeting aims to meet with Georgians living there, to familiarize them with the work of “Georgian House” and to discuss possible establishemnt of the local organization. The meeting will be held at Pushkin’s School Hall, at 1 pm


Anniversary evening of the Georgian Diaspora in Estonia


This year is over 20 years since the establishment of the Georgian Diaspora in Estonia. In this regard, it was decided to hold a special evening, where  together with the invited guests we will talk about the past and the future of Georgian Society. At the end of the event will be a ceremonial concert and reception. The event will be held at the assembly hall of the National Library of Estonia, on November 25, 2017